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esolv3 meets with CTO of on light&building

esolv3 meets with CTO of on light&building

Over one hour Joost Demarest, CTO of KNX talked about the newest trends and markets with esolv3.

KNX could grow in 25 years based from 4 companies orignally Siemens, Schneider Electric, Gira & Jung to 400 manufactures, 7.000 products, 350 Training centers, 50.000 system integrators with 12 accredited Test labs in 138 countries.

Therefore KNX is already the standard for home and building control in Europa and Asia but intend to reach the standard worldwide.

The latest announcment have been on Time Square / New York last week in order to enter the US-market.

Another benchmark will be the launch of the newest KNX ETS in 10.2016, which will be integrated in the device itselv and not only Windows based anymore. It is a need to be prepared for the WEB and IoT including the needed security based on the Germany BSI Gateway adminstrator.

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high interest on KNX booth



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