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INTER SOLAR - EES 2016 - eSOLV3 identifies Breaking News

eSOLV3 visited the Intersolar to identify the Breaking News and talk to the most innovative companies.

Overall we identified two Breaking News:

I. Renewable are today a real alternative to conventional power plants thanks to innovative Energy Management systems

II. GE Venture invest in Sonnen GmbH, who gained 2.000 members to their community after 3 month and introduces additional a thermal energy management system.



Thanks to PV EUROPE Guide tour, following companies have been visited and presented their innovations as followed.


1. Beck automation - introduce the use of BMWi batterie as a basis for Smart Building Energy storage systems

2. Start-up Green Pack - publish open source standard battery packs for focussing storage with e-mobility uses in camping, garden, e-bike/scooter

3. Start-up ALPIQ - achieved to be the Intersolar award 2016 finalist of 19 innovative companies with a BtoB solutions for utilities of Grid Sense, a Smart Micro Grid solution

4. Tesla - present the Model S during the Intersolar to demonstrate the abilities in e-mobility

5. Kreisel electric GmbH - introduces a very high quality energy storage with Modular size 8,11,16 and 22 kWh Li-Ion battieres, which can be mounted in just 30 Minutes by one electricians only.

6. Mitsubishi Motors - demonstrate the first real working full e-mobility - Smart Home solution with the their plugin-Hybrid Outlander, who can be discharged as storage for Home apps

7. SMA - recieved 3 awards (Intersolar, ees and PV ) for their most economical AC-connected inverter systems, projects and shows cooperations with Mercedes, Tesla & LG Chem

8. ads-tec - young storage company with application from 8kWh to 90 MWh Battery to target Grid stability, Diesel-Wind-PV-storage Offgrid applications

9. E3DC - a spin-off from EWE (main shareholder) present a new EMS and BMS from Panasonic with already 4.000 systems in the field serviced 90% remotely

10. Start-up TESVOLT - concentrate only on a very pricise Battery - Management System BMS active bidirectional based on 48V and 900 A with extreme low heat losses

11. Start-up energy depot - present with CEO Roland Burkhardt the most efficient hybrid inverter, Pilum 3kW 1phase, Centurio 10kW 3phase

12. Siemens AG focusses with their storeage solution in industry style on Peakshaving and primary frquency control, island and blackout solutions

13. Viessmann - presents still the fuel cell heating application PEMFC with 0,75 kWel as an alternativ

14. Solarworld - uses start-up Kiwigridfor their internal energy management system 

15. Varta - present upgradable storage on 3 phase 400 V AC technology and define their sales channel in strategic partnerships like Stibel Electron 

16. Solarwatt - the winner of last year Intersolar Award target the Retrofit market with an existing inverter and PV plant in order to add the reseanoble storage MyReserve. the cooperation with BMW by the main investor Quandt will support this strategy

17. Sonnen present the only batterie, with highest security level on Li-FE-PH technology. Additional to the heater solution a smart thermostate which reduce the heat, if the user will move in a certain distance from his home.

For further details please get in contact with eSOLV3.



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