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Science4Life Energy Cup

Science4Life is engaged no as well in the sector energy.

One of the Networkpartners is now InnoEnergy, who nominated over 10 experts for the Jury.

There are 3 phasis:

1. Ideaphase (appr. 3 pages)with a donation of 500,- EUR 1. to 3rd price each

2. conceptional phase (appr. 10 pages) with a donation of 1.000,- EUR for 1 & 2. price

3. businessplanphase (appr. 30 pages) with with a donation of 10.000,- EUR for the 1st price

thematic fields are:

Renewable - Storage - Energy Effiency - Digitalisation - System- and Network technology -  future Power Plants - Smart Cities - Emobility 

Further information you can find under

Achaz v. Arnim, Senior Business Development of InnoEnergy is proud to be part of the Jury committee assessing new innovation.

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